Insurance Coverage

At Points and Pathways Acupuncture we accept both “cash clients” (no insurance) and clients with insurance.

Many insurance plans in Washington State provide coverage for acupuncture treatments. There is a 1-800 phone number on the back of your insurance card.  Please call your insurance company to find out if your plan includes acupuncture benefits.

If you do have acupuncture benefits, ask your insurance company:

            • How many visits are allowed?
            • Is there a dollar amount limit to your benefits? If so, what is it?
            • Is there a co-pay or co-insurance?
            • Is there a deductible? If yes, is there any deductible left to pay?
            • Are there any restrictions on what types of conditions can be treated?
            • Do you need a referral?

Lynne Budde Sheppard is a preferred provider for: 
Regence (all plans) • PremeraGroup Health • First ChoiceUniform Aetna
Lifewise • Healthways • HMA

Auto insurance covers acupuncture treatments for auto accident injuries. No referral is needed.

If you have a co-pay, it is payable at the time of your visit. For cash clients, payment is due at time of service.

Points and Pathways Acupuncture
will bill your insurance company for your acupuncture treatments. After your insurance has paid, you will receive a statement of any amount that you owe. Payment is due upon receipt.

If for any reason your insurance company denies payment of your acupuncture visit(s), you will be responsible for the bill.

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